Ethernet2Dali – a light management system that grows with the project


Planning a light management system that will still fit the bill five years from now can be quite challenging, especially if you operate in multiple locations or support clients who do. With Ethernet2Dali (E2D) you can easily expand your light management scope from a local installation to a cloud-based solution. 


E2D is developed inhouse and is based on our extensive experience in how office, school and health buildings are being used in relation to light. Flexibility and user friendliness were key objectives for the design of the system. The brain of E2D is Vertex ApC, an application controller that allows you to do the commissioning and monitoring from one single point.

Vertex ApC is using information from any source, make decisions and then send the relevant commands to the luminaires. With three DALI ports, the controller enables you to connect up to 192 luminaires. You can also connect several APCs to build a large, and flexible DALI based system.

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