A versatile emergency light family


A luminaire designed for emergency escape route and anti-panic lighting in accordance with the EN 1838 and EN 50172 standards. The product is designed for surface ceiling mounting and in accordance with the EN 60598-2-22 standard.

Various light distributions are available for all types applications and tasks. See technical description for more detailed information.

Suitable for escape rout in corridors as well as high bay applications, Also suitable as anti-panic light for large open areas with different ceiling heights.

A discreet look that fits into any interior design. Available in standard and High Output version. All variants are also available in an addressable version with DALI protocol - a global communication for lighting control and monitoring. See our Ethernet2Dali lighting control system for more information.

Technical description

Body material & colour

Housing made of self-extinguishing plastic that withstands a flammability test in 850°C.

Emergency system

Available as standard (S) for manual testing, self-test (ST) for automatic testing or addressable (DALI) system for automatic testing, monitoring and report generation. All self contained emergency systems are available for 1 or 3 hours duration. A version for Central battery supply (Z) is also available.


With its large number of different light distributions VERSO covers most applications and tasks within escape route and anti-panic lighting.

Escape route in corridors using a wide beam 2 direction distribution, type CR (Corridor).

Escape route in wide corridors using an Wide Beam elliptical light distribution, type MB (Medium Beam).

Anti-panic light in large open areas, type XWB (Extreme Wide Beam).

Anti-panic light in areas with high ceiling height or escape route light in stairways, type WB (Wide Beam).

Escape route light in high beam warehouse or similar, type NB (Narrow Beam).

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

measurements_verso-s measurements_verso-s-2

Light measurement drawings

xwb-light-distribution cr-light-distribution asy-light-distribution nb-light-distribution mb-light-distribution wb-light-distribution

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