High output LED task light for large work areas


Split is a powerful task light for large, demanding work places. It has twice the light output of our traditional task lights. Split is particularly suitable for large work surfaces where plenty of light is needed. This high output task light makes it easy to fulfill the lux level requirements of the European standard for indoor workplace lighting, EN 12464-1.

With its graceful shape and all metal construction, this impressive task light will stand out in any office environment. It has a spring-balanced arm in the Luxo tradition, for maximum reach and flexibility.

Distinctive design
Split has a distinctive design and great functionality. The lamp head is made of a slim sheet of aluminium which has been cut and shaped so that the LED light sources are directed at an angle towards the desk top. This contributes to Split’s excellent asymmetric light distribution.

Colours: Black, white or silver grey glossy paint.

2 x 6 Watt LED
Split is equipped with two custom-made 6 Watt LED modules, which provide a broad, directional light across the work surface. The two LED modules are positioned in a 30° angle.  This provides for a particularly wide light distribution. With two LED modules the light covers a large area, while the lamp head stays parallel with the surface – providing asymmetric and ergonomically correct workstation lighting.

The LED modules have a life expectancy of 50.000 hours. This means 25 years or more of normal office use. Split is dimmable, and equipped with automatic shut-off in order to save energy. A built-in timer automatically turns the light off after 4 or 9 hours.

Available with motion sensor
A motion sensor version is also available. The sensor turns the light on when motion is detected. The sensor also turns the light off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
The importance of the personal task light
Follow this link to learn more about the importance of good workstation lighting, and how a task light can help you achieve a better working environment.

  • Guide to workstation lighting

Technical description

Light source

LED 700 lumen out. Correlated colour temperature (CCT) is 3000K, Coulour rendition index (CRI) is 90.

Body material & colour

Steel arm and aluminium shade. Colours:  white, black or aluminium grey.


Standard with table clamp (A-clamp for Split). Table base and integrated table mounts (TT table mount and TE bushing) are available on request.


Asymmetric light output. White, polycarbonate reflectors.

Power supply

Plug-in 20V power supply.

Arm technology & movement

Parallel, three-pivot arm. Side-to-side and up and down head movement. Arm lengths: 80 cm.


Split can also be delivered with an integrated PIR-sensor. The sensor turns the light on when motion is detected. The sensor also turns the light off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

A shut-off function is integrated. The light will automatically shut off after 4 or 9 hours.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings


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