Motus Mini

Motus Mini

motus is movement


Motus is movement
The ingenious 3-way movement lets your hand seamlessly set the head of Motus Mini in the place best suited for yourself without any interruptions.

Motus Mini
Motus mini is a small, decorative task light. A short arm is fixed to a table base. The head is tiltable in all directions making it easy to position the light exactly where you need it. In spite of its modest size, Motus Mini has lots of light, making it a complete task light for smaller work areas.

Light output
Motus Mini has a symmetric light output with a dim-to-warm functionality which gives an excellent work light or relaxing warm light when dimmed down. The design will make this task light stand out on any table or work desk.

More information
Read more about the whole motus family and the Luxo Colour Concept here:

Technical description

Light source

LED 800 lumen out when at 4000K 
Coulour rendition index (CRI) 90
Dim to warm (D2W 4000-2700K), seamless dim
Dims down to 10%

Body material & colour

Motus Mini has an powder painted aluminium arm, head and base. Standard colours is black and white or any of the available colours in Luxo Colour Concept (Colour codes as below)

Estate Green - S 4520-G 
Pleasant Green - S 2520-G30Y 
Silk Teal - S 2015-B70G 
Mild Citrus - S 1015-G50Y


Symmetric light output with opal diffusor.

Power supply

Plug in 18W power supply
100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz


A shut-off function is integrated, the light will automatically shut off after 9 hours
This can also be programmed to 4 hours, see user manual for more information


Motus Mini comes as standard with a table base.

Arm technology & movement

Fixed arm. Total arm length 41cm. head Ø9,6cm 

Pitch, Yaw & Roll* movement in head for effortless placement of head/light without any stop in motion
*Pitch (up-and-down) Yaw (side-to-side) Roll (side-up-side-down)

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings

Motus Mini 800 D2W

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