Motus Floor

Motus Floor

motus is movement


Motus is movement
The ingenious 3-way movement lets your hand seamlessly set the head of Motus Floor in any position. 

Motus Floor
The floor version comes with a choice of arm. It is available with one or two joints, adding to the flexibility of the luminaire. Both versions have the characteristic cup-shaped lamp head, with symmetric light output and the same flexible joint between lamp head and arm. Freestanding luminaires are easy to move around, offering a great deal of flexibility when arranging the lighting scheme in a room.

Luxo Colour Concept

Motus Floor is available in the Luxo Colour Concept; please see available colours under technical description. 

More information
Read more about the whole motus family and the Luxo Colour Concept here:

Technical description

Light source

LED 800 lumen out when at 4000K 
Colour rendition index (CRI) 90
Dim to warm (D2W 4000-2700K), seamless dim
Dims down to 10%

Body material & colour

Motus Floor has a powder painted aluminium arm, head and base. Standard colours are black and white or any of the available colours in Luxo Colour Concept (Colour codes as below)

Estate Green - S 4520-G 
Pleasant Green - S 2520-G30Y 
Silk Teal - S 2015-B70G 
Mild Citrus - S 1015-G50Y


Symmetric light output with opal diffusor.

Power supply

Plug in 18W power supply
100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz

Arm technology & movement

Floor-1 - Fixed arm / 1054 mm height
Floor-2 - Adjustable arm / 1010 mm height + 449 mm adjustable arm
head Ø9,6cm 

Pitch, Yaw & Roll* movement in head for effortless placement of head/light without any stop in motion
*Pitch (up-and-down) Yaw (side-to-side) Roll (side-up-side-down)


Motus Floor comes as standard with a floor base.


A shut-off function is integrated; the light will automatically shut off after 9 hours.
This is programmable to 4 hours, see user manual for more information

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

motus-floor-1_measurement-drawing_0_11816685 motus-floor-2_measurement-drawing_0_11816841

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