LED-EM High-Bay

LED-EM High-Bay

3 hour non-maintained emergency luminaire


A 3 hour non-maintained, surface/trunking mounted, emergency luminaire for high level applications in industrial premises. Suitable for either open area (A) or racking (C) illumination.

The LED-EM High-Bay is a versatile product, but it also offers good performance and energy efficiency, achieving 100 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.


  • Area (A) and racking (C) lens
  • Minimises emergency lighting units
  • 100 luminaire lumens per circuit watt
  • Non-maintained
  • 3 hour duration
  • Power consumption 4 Watt when charging
  • 400 lumen output
  • Technical description


    A 3 or 5 pole terminal block.

    Body material & colour

    Steel painted white.


    Surface or trunking mount. 

    Emergency system

    Supplied in standard (S) or addressable (DALI) system for 3 hours duration. Also available for our Glamox wireless Radio system (ST-W).

    Technical gallery

    Light measurement drawings

    luxonic_led-em high-bay c luxonic_led-em high-bay wb

    Measurement drawings

    led-em-high-bay led-em-high-bay-st-w

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