L-1 P

L-1 P

Bright ideas don’t fade. They shine brighter.


No springs attached

We proudly present our new family member: the L-1 Pendant. And yes, it’s different from the others. First of all, it hangs from the ceiling. We admit that’s a little strange for a L-1, considering its springy ancestor’s success. Also, it comes in three different varieties, which is definitely not comme il faut for the L-1, although the task light and the wall luminaire also had a few options you could choose from. But really, a pendant?

Yes, a pendant. It’s only natural, when you think of it. We have luminaires for the desk and the walls – the ceiling was the logical next step. Besides, we find the shape of a pendant to be a fitting homage to the classics, those rare objects that survive the pendulum swings of fashion. Like the L-1 task light. 

And even though the L-1 Pendant hangs from the ceiling rather than protruding from a surface, it’s unmistakably a L-1. The perfect curving of the bell, the reassuring weight of the components, the softness of the light – it’s all there. 

It’s just got no springs attached.

Change the ambience with Dim to warm
As a complement to the fixed light colors we also have L-1 P with tuneable light temperature. This option allows you adjust the colour temperature from standard white light, to warm amber simply by using the DALI-dimmer. Dim to warm is an easy and elegant way to change the ambience of a room from neutral to relaxed and social. A great feature for informal business talks, lunches or social events.
You can find this version with a complementary text of "D2W" in the article list.

Luxo Colour Concept
L-1 P is available in the Luxo Colour Concept, read more about the concept here: 

Technical description

Light source

LED 700 - 1500 lumen out.
Colour temperature 3000/4000K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3
Dim to Warm (D2W) dimming 3000 – 1900 Kelvin.     

E27 version without light source


Fixed output (HF), DALI dimmable (100-1%) DALI Dim to Warm (D2W) 3000 – 1900 Kelvin.

Body material & colour

Aluminium shade in white, black or silver grey colour.


Supplied with 2m cable and ceiling bracket. Entry on top or double knockout holes in ceiling bracket. 3 or 5 pole push-in terminal block prepared for through wiring.


Symmetric light output. Inner shade painted white for maximum efficiency. L-1 P has a opalic diffuser for a softer light and to avoid glare.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

L-1_P180-measurement L-1_P280-measurement L-1_P380-measurement

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