LED luminaire for extreme temperatures


Glamox i70 is a slim and robust LED luminaire designed for demanding applications, high ambient temperatures and long lifetime.

The luminaire housing is made of anodized seawater resistant aluminium with end caps in polycarbonate and end brackets in acid proof steel.  Diffuser in impact resistant opal polycarbonate (PC). Well suited for use in production areas, technical rooms, chemical plants, even areas exposed to extreme weather conditions and salinity.

i70 is available in 2 different lengths with different lumen packages.

Specially designed for long lifetime at high ambient temperatures
The i70 is designed for a lifetime of 50.000 hours (L70) at maximum ambient temperatures of Ta 55 ºC. The carefully selection of the state of art LED technology eliminates the need for maintenance and can give substantial savings in terms of costs and manpower.

Most variants can be delivered with emergency lighting systems with internal battery (Ta=30°C).

Technical description

Light source

LED 2200 - 6000 lumen out
Colour temperature 4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3


Fixed output (HF) and DALI dimmable (1-100%). Driver life time up to 120.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.

Body material & colour

Luminaire housing in anodized seawater resistant aluminium with end caps in polycarbonate and end brackets in acid proof steel.  Diffuser in impact resistant opal polycarbonate (PC). Silicone gaskets. Screws made of acid proof steel.


Installation directly on ceiling, wall or luminaire tracks through the fixed end brackets. Brackets for horizontal wire and turnable bracket to be mounted on the fixed end brackets.


Suspension kits
Wieland IP68 plugs and connectors


i70 is supplied with integrated Wieland IP68 male plug RST20i3 for fixed output and RST20i5 for DALI.

i70 for through wiring (TW) is supplied with integrated male plug and female connector. 

Integrated emergency light

Most variants can be supplied with emergency lighting systems (Standard, Self Test or DALI addressable) with internal battery (Ta=30°C)

Technical gallery

Light measurement drawings

i70-600 LED 2200 840 i70-1200 LED 4500 840

Measurement drawings

i70_600_std i70_1200_std i70_600_con_box i70_1200_con_box i70_600_em i70_1200_em

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