Glamox Wireless ZigBee

Glamox Wireless ZigBee

Based on the open wireless protocol ZigBee 3.0


This system is based on communication on the open ZigBee 3.0 protocol. Today ZigBee is the most widely developed wireless communication protocol on the market. This opens for communication with a wide range of different devices and for easy integration. Glamox can offer a complete range of luminaires and control devices for this system.
ZigBee is based on a Mesh wireless network on 2,4 GHz. Glamox Wireless ZigBee also has a Bluetooth interface for easy communication with the end user. This makes Glamox Wireless ZigBee very well suited for applications like offices, educational buildings and health care institutions.

The system is extremely scalable and the entry level, as a stand alone system, is very easy to commission. If you want to bring this up to a central monitoring system that can be easily done, using our Glamox Connect access point for ZigBee.

On Wireless ZigBee you can use external sensor (1), either connected to the closest luminaire with a DALI-D LED driver or, as here, connected to a SR-Bridge (2). The bridge makes it possible to connect ordinary DALI luminaires to the system. The external sensor are able to communicate with luminaires using an integrated sensor (4) or having an integrated antenna (5). To the same system we can also connect a wireless greenpower Switch (6). Everything can then be controlled and commissioned from an mobile App (8) as a stand alone installation. If you want to connect your installations (Zones) in to a larger system for e.g. monitoring in our Glamox Connect you can use an access point (7). 

Technical description


The design is based on a flat architecture where the sensor works as the master. There are 3 levels of configuration. Installation, Group and Zone.
A gateway is used to connect several ZigBee network to on common network.

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