DALI System Sensor Gen2
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DALI System Sensor Gen2

Generation 2 of Glamox System sensor


Glamox system sensor is a DALI based system where the master has a built-in power supply and can address up to 3 different zones. The sensor is using standard DALI commands and can therefor work with all types of DALI approved luminaires.

Type of sensors

We have two versions available. One with a detection area designed for long, narrow rooms (corridor) and one large square areas (circular detection). We can also deliver a version with a 5-pole Wago Winsta quick connector. All master sensors includes both a PIR presence sensor and a light sensor that converts the system in to a Constant Light System (CLS). Slave sensors can also be connected as part of the system. They only consist of a PIR presence sensor. 


Commissioning are easily done by using a remote control or an app. To make things easy for you, we have already made templates for the most typical applications. Choose your application and all parameters will be optimized.

Here you will find user manuals for the different sensors: Usermanuals

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