Escape route based on LED


E85-S is a surface mounted escape rout light or anti panic emergency light system based on LED.

The escape route system, E85-S C, is especially designed for corridors and covers a 17 meter corridor with 1 lux in centre line.

The anti panic light, E85-S WB, have a circular wide beam light distribution that covers 8 x 8 meter with the required 0,5 lux. 
E85-S is recognized by the use of hight quality material and components.

Both variants can be supplied for manual, selftest and central controlled testing and monitoring. Using a environment friendly NiMh battery. Are also available for centralized battery.

Technical description

Body material & colour

White painted aluminium with component plate in polycarbonate.


For surface ceiling mounting.


Cable entry on top and knock-out in each end. A 3 or 5 pole terminal block.

Emergency system

Supplied in standard (S), selftest (ST) or addressable (DALI) system for 1 or 3 hours duration.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings

E85-S C LED E1 E85-S WB LED E1

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