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Slim pendant luminaire in extruded aluminium


Glamox C20-P4 for pendant mounting is extremely functional as workplace lighting in offices and educational buildings. The luminaire is based on a compact and simplified form, along with a solid material construction, that gives it an exclusive and confident design.

The luminaire is produced in extruded aluminium with moulded aluminium end caps. Supplied in two colours, matt silver grey (RAL 9006) or white. The optic is clipped into the body and a wide clear uplight cover provides easy cleaning and high LOR.

Most options can be supplied with integrated LED emergency light. For optimised energy savings, C20-P4 can be supplied with integrated sensor for motion and daylight.

C20-P4 has a simple solution for row mounting that is well integrated into the product design. A kit for row mounting must be ordered separately.

Technical description

Light source

LED 4300 - 7800 lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3


Electronic ballast (HF) or DALI. Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.

Body material & colour

Silver grey or white aluminum body and die casted aluminum end caps.


Unique suspension system with simple, quick adjustment wire in one end and the supply cable functioning as suspension at the opposite end. Suspension is always supplied with the luminaire (PRE). Can be row mounted by using a row mounting kit that must be ordered separately.
Ceiling cup must be ordered separately.


Supplied with a pre-mounted 3 or 5 wire cable or cable and plug.


Double parabolic Softlight optic type SL/SU, a double parabolic high gloss Darklight optic type DL/DU, a high quality microprismatic diffuser MP or a microlamella ML.

LED: Only MP.

Integrated emergency light

LED emergency light type standard (S), Selftest (ST) and addressable DALI (DALI).

Integrated sensors

Stand alone presence sensor type S-SEN, master / slave presence sensor with corridor function type M-SEN and a combination of presence and daylight sensor type D-SEN.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings


 L (mm)
 C (mm)
 28 / 54 W
 1274  1200
 35 / 49 / 80 W
 1574  1500
 LED 1200  1274  1200
 LED 1500  1574  1500

Light measurement drawings

C20-P4 60_40 1200 LED 4300 840 MP C20-P4 50_50 1500 LED 4900 840 MP

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