Escape route lighting for different ceiling heights thanks to the use of high-power LEDs with the possibility of obtaining luminous flux within a range from 160 to 440 lm.

The noble, simple form of varnished cast aluminum and the ceiling-recessed mounting allows for the perfect illumination of escape routes without interfering with the interior’s décor. Easy mounting thanks to a a carefully thought out design. Both self contained versions using Li-ion battery cells and versions for central battery is available.

The COBRA family is a part of our Lithium battery concept where we are using a well designed charging technology that gives longer lifetime on the batteries. Read more about is here: 

Technical description

Body material & colour

White aluminum front plate housing.


COBRA is designed for both escape route and anti-panic lighting.

Escape route in corridors using a wide beam 2 direction distribution, type CR (Corridor).

Anti-panic light in large open areas, type XWB (Extreme Wide Beam).

Emergency system

Supplied as self contained in standard (S), selftest (ST) or addressable (DALI) system for 1 or 3 hours duration. Also available for central battery (Z).

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings




Light measurement drawings

cr-light-distribution xwb-light-distribution asy-light-distribution nb-light-distribution

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