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Slim and minimalistic


C95-R is a family of high end interior luminaries. The family is characterized by a clean, minimalistic design and fully illuminated surfaces. The edge lit technology allows for a slim profile which reduces the influence on the ceiling height to a minimum. With the C95-R family you also get excellent light output visual performance.
The diversity and flexibility of the C95-R product family makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its slim and modern design, it’s ideal for offices with a high finish. The family is also well suited for schools and health facilities.

Slim and minimalistic 
The thin aluminum frame of C95-R is designed to become invisible when it’s placed into a T-bar ceiling grid, thus creating a sleek and elegant expression.

Added value for modern office facilities

C95-R is developed to meet strict requirements both when it comes to light output and glare reduction. The thin aluminum frame of just 25mm, steals very little ceiling height. The fully lit surface and the different layers of optical materials ensure an excellent visual performance and a clean modern look.

External driver 
C95-R is delivered with an external driver box, which means that the luminaire becomes the light source while all the electronics is placed in the driver box. This simplifies the installation as there is no need to open the luminaire.

Technical description

Light source

LED 1000 - 12 000 lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80 and 90, MacAdams 3
Tuneable white (CCT)


HF or DALI. Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C

Body material & colour

Body in white painted aluminum. 


C95-R is well suitable for all 15 and 24mm T-bar ceilings. For mounting in plasterboard ceilings a frame is available. See accessories for more information.

Mounted in cluster:
As with conventional light sources you may perceive variations in colour temperature between luminaires mounted close together (cluster). Colour tolerances for LED light sources are normally better or the same as for conventional light sources. For more information, please contact any member of our sales staff.


A frame for plasterboard ceilings available as an accessory.


Micro prismatic (MP) or Opalic (OP).


This product is available with a PIR sensor type SPR-SEN with relay based ON/OFF switch or a PIR sensor wired for Corridor function type SPC-SEN. It is also available with a combined PIR and Constant Light sensor with integrated DALI Power supply type MPP-SEN or a slave PIR version type MPS-SEN.

For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.

Emergency system

Standard (S), Self test (ST) or DALI. 1h or 3h.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

c95-r_600x600_measurement drawing c95-r_625x625_measurement drawing c95-r_300x600_measurement drawing c95-r_300x1200_measurement drawing c95-r_312x1250_measurement drawing driver-boks c95-r600x1200_measurement drawing dimensional-drawing-c95-r100x600 dimensional-drawing-c95-r100x1200 dimensional-drawing-c95-r100x1500

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