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Premium luminous surface


C90-R is a family of modular LED luminaires with fully illuminated surfaces with excellent design, flexibility and visual performance. With its high finish and large illuminated surface C90-R comes one with the ceiling.

Excellent design
C90-R is a product designed with premium light qualities with no visible luminaire frame in the ceiling. The perfect shaped frame around the optics is made in one piece without and joints and is only 12mm wide. This makes the frame invisible in the T-bar system.

Perfect balance
The C90-R is designed with focus on light quality. All details are carefully measured to achieve premium homogenous light. Tailor-made LED modules are carefully designed and selected to provide excellent light quality. 
Distance from LED module to optic is set for a perfect result.

Great flexibility
C90 is well suitable for all 15 and 24mm T-bar ceilings, plasterboard ceilings and in Ecophon Focus Ds and Rockfon system T24X (concealed profile).
C90-R is available with four different optics: Micro Prismatic (MP), Opal (OP), Circle (CI) and Opalic Drop out (OD).
A external driver box is delivered with the luminaire. Connection and maintenance is done without opening the luminaire.

C90-R is now available with tunable white (CCT) and RGB. Human Centric Lighting solutions have a positive effect on people´s daily rhythm, work performance and well-being. These solutions contain light sources that mixes cool and worm white light and/or red, green and blue colours.

Technical description

Light source

LED 1200 - 5000 lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000K, CRI Ra 80 or 90, MacAdams 3
Tuneable white (CCT) and RGB


HF or DALI. CCT-version only DALI. Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.

Body material & colour

Body in white painted steel. Plastic frame.


C90 is well suitable for all 15 and 24mm T-bar ceilings, and in Ecophon Focus Ds and Rockfon system T24X (concealed profile). For concealed T-bar system a set of clips (4pcs) is mounted on the body. A frame for plasterboard ceilings available as an accessory. See accessories for more information.
The 312x312 version is supplied with mounting brackets. 

Mounted in cluster:
As with conventional light sources you may perceive variations in colour temperature between luminaires mounted close together (cluster). Colour tolerances for LED light sources are normally better or the same as for conventional light sources. For more information, please contact any member of our sales staff. 


Clips (4pcs) for mounting in hidden T-bar system.
A frame for plasterboard ceilings available as an accessory.


Micro prismatic (MP), Opalic (OP), Circle (CI) or Opalic Drop out (OD).
Only OP / MP on the 312x312 version.


This product is available with a PIR sensor type SPR-SEN with relay based ON/OFF switch or a PIR sensor wired for Corridor function type SPC-SEN. It is also available with a combined PIR and Constant Light sensor with integrated DALI Power supply type MPP-SEN or a slave PIR version type MPS-SEN.

For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.

Sensor is not available on CI or OD optics.
No sensor on the 312x312 version.

Emergency system

Standard (S), Self test (ST) or DALI. 1h or 3h.
Emergency system is not available on CI or OD optics.
No emergency on the 312x312 version.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

c90-r600x600-drop-out c90-r625x625-drop-out c90-r600x600 RGB c90-r625x625 RGB c90-r300x1200 c90-r312x1250 driver-boks c90-r600x600 c90-r312x312 mnt_c90-r312x312

Light measurement drawings

C90-R600x600 LED 4000 840 OP C90-R600x600 LED 4000 840 MP C90-R600x600 LED 4000 840 OD

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