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Glamox C80-PR is dedicated for pendent mounting in long lengths. Suitable for several applications like corridors, large meeting rooms and other areas where you want to install long, pendent mounted LED light installations.

Can be delivered with different lumen packages and 3 different optics, OP, MP and ASY. Available with integrated emergency and sensor solutions. Select additional 90 degree corner units for creating L, U or O shaped systems. C80-PR is an efficient and sophisticated system that is easy to configurate and easy to mount. Glamox C80 brings tailor-made light to the next level.

System configurator
Use our web based C80 system configurator to custom fit your project. An easy and efficient tool
for planning and ordering. Please note that lengths >2400mm are considered as special goods by most transporters and might cause challenges at arrival site.
The complete product arrives as 3 units, luminaire body, optic and end-caps. The luminaire body is delivered as one complete unit including recess and row mounting brackets that makes it easy to mount the system.

Wall version
C80-PR can also be wall mounted. A wall bracket is available as an accessory.

Single version
C80-PR can also be mounted as a single luminaire. Please see C80-P for more information.  

Technical description

Light source

LED 2600 - 15 000 lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000 Kelvin, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3
3 different lumen out per meter, approximately 2000, 3500 or 5000 lumen per meter
Light distribution (% up/down): 50/50 or 30/70 depending on version
Only down light on C80-PL (90º L-shape module)


Available with constant light (HF) and dimmable (DALI) drivers. Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.

Body material & colour

Body and end-caps in anodised aluminum. Can be delivered in white on request.


For pendent mounting. Two aluminum brackets for wire suspension are included in each profile unit but a wire suspension set (cable + wire) has to be ordered separately. Can also be mounted on wall with a special wall bracket. See accessories for more information.


End caps and optic units must be ordered as separate items. Wall bracket for wall mounting is available.


Pendent version: Cable entry from top. Integrated through wiring with terminal blocks on each light module.
Wall version: From top or backside.

Please note: The maximum total power of luminaires connected in series to the supplied mains-cable (3x0,75mm2/5x0,75mm2) must not exceed 1100W.


Available with Opal diffuser (OP), Microprismatic diffuser (MP) and an asymmetric diffuser (ASY).

Integrated sensors

Available with a combined PIR and constant light sensor (D2-SEN).

Emergency system

Available with integrated emergency. 1 and 3 hour duration. selftest (ST) and addressable (DALI).

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

c80-pr_1128 c80-pr_1410 c80-pr_1692 c80-pr_2820 c80-p-wall-mounting_1128 c80-pl_measurement

Light measurement drawings

C80-PR1692 30-70 LED 9000 840 MP HI C80-PR1692 30-70 LED 9000 840 OP HI C80-PR1692 30-70 LED 9000 840 ASY HI C80-PR1692 50-50 LED 6000 840 MP ME C80-PR1692 50-50 LED 6000 840 OP ME C80-PR1692 50-50 LED 6000 830 ASY ME

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