Smart and versatile


Decorative halo effect
Glamox A25-S is a surface mounted luminaire with a simple, timeless design. From the front it’s a perfect circle, in profile the body and the diffuser are joined smoothly together in the same plane, forming a modified super ellipse. The soft visual expression is enhanced by a decorative halo light emitted through the transparent back cover. 

IP44 rating
The luminaire is available in two different sizes Ø 280 and Ø 400 and is designed for both ceiling and wall mounting. It also has an IP44 ingress protection rating, which makes it ideal for rest rooms and cloakrooms. Glamox A25-S is a versatile product that is also well suited for applications like assembly rooms, waiting rooms, corridors and staircases.

Save time, with easy mounting
Glamox A25-S is made from sturdy and light materials and comes in two pre-assembled pieces. This allows for quick and easy mounting. The body can be attached to any type of flush mounting box with two screws. The diffuser is then screwed on and secured with bayonet fixing. The whole process shouldn’t take more than three minutes. 

Sensors and light management
Glamox A25-S can be fitted with integrated sensors such as PIR or Microwave sensors which have different strengths in how they detect motion. These technologies are combined with simple on off or more advanced dimmable (corridor function) and wireless solutions. A25-S is also available with DALI driver which means that it can be controlled through any DALI light management system with endless possibilities.

Emergency lighting 
Glamox A25-S400 can be supplied with integrated emergency lighting systems (SelfTest or DALI addressable), 1 or 3 hours. With a DALI addressable system, the emergency lighting and its batteries can be monitored through a Central Monitoring System that also generates automatic reports.


Technical description

Light source

LED 1100 - 3500 lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI/Ra 80, MacAdams 3


Fixed output (HF), DALI dimmable (100-1%) Driver life time up to 100.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C

Body material & colour

IP44 rated with diffusor and transparent body in polycarbonate.
Glamox A25-S with PIR sensor is IP20 rated. 


Opalic diffusor made out of polycarbonate

Integrated emergency light

Glamox A25-S400 can be supplied with; Standard (S), Self test (ST) or DALI. 1h or 3h emergency light.

Integrated sensors

This product is available with different integrated sensors: 
SMR-SEN Microwave with relay based ON/OFF
SMC-SEN Microwave with corridor function (100% light at presence and 10% light when no presence) 
SMW-SEN Microwave sensor with radio-function
SPR-SEN PIR sensor with relay based ON/OFF 
SPC-SEN PIR sensor with corridor function (100% light at presence and 10% light when no presence)
CPW-SEN PIR sensor with wireless control (Glamox wireless radio, commissioning service is needed)

For more information see user manual for respektive sensor under “Download”.

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

a25-s280_measurement drawing a25-s400_measurement drawing

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