A good all-rounder


Glamox A15-S is a surface mounted LED luminaire available in two different sizes. The opal diffusor and the rounded lentil-like shape gives it a discrete, modern appearance. It is fair to say that A15-S is an “all-rounder” both when it comes to design and applicability.

Easy mounting
This is a product that is designed for easy mounting on all types of surfaces. Using only two screws the luminaire can easily be attached to all common flush mounting boxes, whether it is in the ceiling or on the wall. The luminaire is also equipped with a smart cable entry for surface mounted cable.

A versatile product
The two different sizes (Ø280 and Ø215) and the fact that A15-S can be mounted on walls as well as in ceilings, makes this a versatile product well suited for applications such as corridors, stairwells, lavatories, small storage rooms. By combining the two different sizes you also get more options in areas where space is limited.

Light management
Glamox A15-S is compatible with all Glamox hardwired LMS systems. The luminare is available with a DALI driver and an integrated motion sensor. One option is a SMAB-sensor with on/off function. Another option is to choose a sensor with corridor function type SMMB-SEN. This means that the light level will be 100% when anyone is present, when there’s nobody present the light level will be reduced to 10 %. After 15 minutes of absence the light is turned off completely. Master-slave configured for up to totally 11 luminaries and up to 5 masters. One master-slave system can cover a maximum corridor length of approximately 35 meters.

Emergency light
The largest version of A15-S is available with integrated 1 or 3-hour emergency lighting. This increases the value of the light installation, by adding safety as a part of the solution.

Technical description

Light source

LED 1000 - 1800 Lumen out
Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3


Fixed output or DALI dimable AC driver (light modulation with a frequency of 100Hz)

Body material & colour

Diffusor and body in polycarbonate

Integrated sensors

This product is available with different integrated sensors: 
SMAB-SEN Microwave with relay based ON/OFF switch
SMMB-SEN Microwave master with corridor function.
AC-SLA Slave fixture for SMMB-SEN
For more information on master/slave cofiguration see sensor manual under “Download”.

A15-S280 can be supplied with emergency lighting system

Technical gallery

Measurement drawings

a15-s215 a15-s280 a15-s_a25-s_CC-distance mounting

Light measurement drawings

A15-S280 LED 1800 AC 840

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