Spotlight for mains voltage 3-circuit


Glamox S70 is a range of full flexible and high efficiency LED spotlights. Form factor is traditional and functional. All designed with subtle surfaces, hidden cables and distinct geometries. Created with deep reflectors to minimize glare from the LED light source.

New Micro series!
Glamox S70 Micro
A new series of small spotlights has been added to the Glamox S70 family. The addition of S70 Micro completes an already versatile family which is well suited for applications such as social areas and corridors. Glamox S70 Micro comes in black and white and can be dimmed using a phase-cut dimmer to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. 

Full flexibility to tilt and rotate light position
A symmetrical electronic housing with two arms holds the cylindrical reflector with its integrated heat sink, which can tilt up to 110° and rotate around its axis 365°. S70 is fully balanced.

Two colours and three sizes
S70 is available in two colours; white or black. Select also the size that suits your project the best, MICRO Ø76, MIDI Ø105 or MAXI Ø136.

Individually dimming 
One variant is supplied with individually controllable spotlight that is dimmable right at the spotlight itself. This is a great feature in spaces that require a simple way to make individual adjustments. Very suitable for museums, art installations or intimate spaces. Each S70 MIDI HFDi POT has a potentiometer knob on the spotlight itself that is easy to access but is not visually distracting, with adjustments ranging from 100 –20%. See the product group S70 DALI for more dimming possibilities.

Technical description

Light source

Colour tolerances: MacAdams 3 
Colour rendering: CRI 90
Lifetime: Minimum 50 000 hour, L80, Max Ta   
MICRO: LED 1100 lumen out (CRI 90)
MIDI: LED 3000 lumen out
MAXI: LED 5000 lumen out
For precise lumen values please see the data sheet on item level


Electronic driver (HF)
S70 Micro (HF) dimmable via phase-cut.

Body material & colour

Housing in die-cast aluminum coated in matt white or black. Luminaries are delivered with driver. Supplied with passive cooling system.


Mounted to 3-circuit universal track that has to be ordered separately.


Glass - S70 can be fitted with glass to protect the light source and reflector.
Honeycomb louvre - Reduce glare by limiting the direction of the light when passing through a hexagonal filter.
Barn doors - Reduces glare and gives the product more of a stage light feel.


Spot, medium, wide beam aluminum reflector


Measurement drawings

s70-maxi s70-midi

Energy label


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