D70 Trimless

D70 Trimless

Smooth solution in 3 easy steps


The D70 Trimless solution is a recessed downlight that comply the demands for aesthetic and performance with efficiency and versatility of applications. D70 Trimless provides illumination in an elegant discrete manner. Easy installation and smooth integrations into the architecture. 

D70 Trimless can be used in combination with any D70-R155, D70-RF155 or D70-R195 of your selection.

The D70 Trimless solution contains of three item numbers:

  1. ”Trimless FRAME” recommended to be delivered early in the project.
  2. ”Trimless CONE” to be mounted after the D70 downlight
  3. D70 downlight of your selection. Use of “SM” reflector is recommended. 

Please see “Completion” for the selection of downlights or the D70-R product group.


Technical description

Body material & colour

White painted aluminum ”TRIMLESS FRAME” and a ”TRIMLESS CONE” in ABS material. RAL 9016. 

Simple mounting by integral adjustable brackets using the supplied 3mm Allen key bit. Maximum ceiling thicknesses are 30 mm.


  1. The carpenter makes a hole in the plasterboard ceilings. ”TRIMLESS FRAME” to be mounted in the hole.
  2. The painter do his/hers job and makes a perfect smooth surface between the ceiling and the "TRIMLESS FRAME".
  3. The D70 can then be mounted in the hole when construction work is done. ”TRIMLESS CONE” to be mounted last.


Measurement drawings

d70-r-155-trimless d70-rf-155-trimless d70-r-195-trimless

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