SLX Searchlight Module

SLX Searchlight Module

Increase the light performance of your searchlight


The SLX™ Series LED searchlight module is made to replace conventional searchlight modules to increase light performance of your searchlight and get rid of costly and annoying maintenance.

It is crafted to give superior value for the user with a powerful, compact and durable design that makes the investment to pay back to the fullest.

One SLX™ searchlight unit will enable you detect an object on a distance up to 2 600 meters depending on chosen beam type for your need.

It is made to be mounted fixed or on any suitable existing movable platform. Adapter bracket kit for several movable searchlight platforms can be delivered with the SLX ™ searchlight module.

  • Instant light
  • Maintenance Free
  • Different bracket kits available
  • One or two different beam types per SLX ™ module
  • Very even light distribution
  • Dimmable – perfect in snow, fog or similar conditions
  • Compact, sealed and highly resistant to vibrations and shocks
  • Proven endurance
  • Available in 24VDC and 100-277VAC (with external PSU)

Technical description

Color rendering index

 SLX D 24V 4/4: 70 (min.) 
 SLX D 24V 4/6: 70 (min.) 
 SLX D 24V 4/Oval: 70 (min.) 

Color temperature

 SLX D 24V 4/4: 5-8.000K
 SLX D 24V 4/6: 5-8.000K
 SLX D 24V 4/Oval: 5-8.000K

Light beam angle (Section 1/2)

 SLX D 24V 4/4: 4º/4º 
 SLX D 24V 4/6: 4º/6+º
 SLX D 24V 4/Oval: 4º/Oval H

Total intensity Cd (measured)

 SLX D 24V 4/4: 1,75 mCd
 SLX D 24V 4/6: 1,75 mCd
 SLX D 24V 4/Oval: 0,950 mCd

Range (1 lux/0,25 lux)

 SLX D 24V 4/4: 1322m/2645m
 SLX D 24V 4/6: 1322m/2645m
 SLX D 24V 4/Oval: 975m/1950m


Measurement drawings


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