SL2IR LED Searchlight

SL2IR LED Searchlight

LED searchlight with integrated thermal imager


With the SL2 searchlight as platform we integrate a thermal camera for improved night vision capacity. Very useful for navigation and searching as well for security or surveillance means.

The thermal night vision camera is placed in a robust housing on an internal special tilt unit. This means that the camera always follows the searchlight horizontal movement from the joystick though limited tilt.

The SL2IR is designed to fit perfectly nice on smaller Patrol, SAR, Pilot, Windfarm service, Workboats and Yachts as well on for example ferries.

Though the LED and IR technology is relatively new to the market our concept is developed over 20 years and is highly appreciated among mariners all over the world.

For light and mechanical features please see SL2.

  • A proven robust and functional design
  • Maintenance free
  • Heated front window
  • Uncooled Thermal imager
  • High temperature resolution <30mK
  • 640x512 resolution
  • 9Hz
  • 30/60Hz as optional
  • Field of View 25°x20°
  • Zoom 2x, 4x
  • Palette options

Please note that Export restrictions may apply.

Technical description

Color rendering index

70 (minimum)

Color temperature


Spot beam

3.5° / 40.000 lm / 4 MCd

Wide beam

15° / 24.000 lm


1.850 m (1 lux)

Input power

18-32 VDC or 100-250VAC


  • LED light source with dimmable and adjustable beam focus.
  • Integrated thermal night vision camera.

Performance (typical)

Detect man       900m
Detect vessel  2.500m

Palette options

FLIR standard

Zoom settings

2x, 4x

Field of View FoV


Frame Rates

9Hz 30/60Hz as optional

Analog Video Display Formats

640x480 (NTSC)
640x512 (PAL)

Sensor temperature resolution NEdT



Measurement drawings


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