LED Downlight for fire-approved ceilings


The DL42-R77 is a compact LED-downlight specifically designed to be integrated into B0 or B15 fire approved metal ceilings. The use of fire resistant materials combined with a unique heat sink makes this downlight to the perfect choice for B15 ceilings. With the use of the DL42-R77 there is no need for any additional heat caps on the opposite side of the ceiling to keep the B15 approval. The installation of the luminaire is easy with self-tapping screws. The DL42-R77 comes with an external driver. Various decor designs are available to customers choice. Designed only for useage in metal ceilings.

Technical description

Light source

  • LED 756 lumen out
  • Colour rendering: CRI > 80, 3000 K
  • Power consumption 8 W
  • Lifetime: 50 000 hour, L70 at max Ta=45°C


The output depends on the version: fix integrated or external


Recessed mounting, fixed with 6 self-tapping screws. To be delivered with 300 mm cable.


Connection possibilities with ENSTO (QCE), WAGO (QCA) quick connector or cable without quick connector (C1).


25° or 38° clear optic. Optional 80° opalic.


Different versions:

DL42 HFe Switch on/off, external driver
DL42 HFDa Dimmable, 1-10V, external driver
DL42 Dali Dimmable, DALI, external driver 
DL42 PC Dimmable, phase cut, external driver


The mounting ring is made of 1.5mm thick steel plate and is screwed with self-tapping screws to the ceiling panel. The housing is specially designed to avoid temperature expanding and is made of stainless steel. The gap between the housing and the ceiling insulation will be closed under high temperatures by expanding graphite foam, which is located around the housing. The heat sink is made of aluminum and transfers the heat from the LED via the mounting ring into the ceiling panel.


For all B15 rated pax, public and crew areas such as cabins, corridors, staircases, shops, libraries, lounges, restaurant. Designed only for useage in metal ceilings.


Designed for B0 and B15 ceilings. Only for useage in metal ceilings.
According to marine classification societies and IEC standards


In chrome (CH) or white (WH). Other colours on request.


Measurement drawings

DL42-R77_MD DL42-R77_MD_mounting-ring DL42-R77_decor_01 DL42-R77_decor_02 DL42-R77_decor_03 DL42-R77_decor_04

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