AL46 LED Strips

AL46 LED Strips

Flexible Led strips for Decorative Installations


AL46 LED strips are designed for use in marine applications with high light quality and efficiency. Ingress protection of IP66/67 (Aqua & Atlantis) makes them suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications. AL46 flexible, decorative Led Strips can be used on vessels as rail lighting, step lighting, and many other decorative lighting scenes.

AL46 LED strips are available in different lengths, light colors and light intensity. They allow a decorative illumination of various shapes - for each requirement the right solution. AL46 provides made-to-measure LED strips for demanding applications.
FL for indoor can be ordered in different length rolls and cut to needed lenght.
AQUA and ATLANTIS will be prefabricated to desired lengths* and equipped with Marine type connection cable 1,3 or 5m  

*(lenght to be dividable by step, note also max lengths of single strips upto 5000mm)
AQUA is also possible to cut on site and sealing kit's are available.

AL46 is available in three versions, AL46 FL for indoor IP00 and AL46 AQUA and ATLANTIS IP66/67 for outdoor and other demanding applications.

FL and AQUA have visible led dots. ATLANTIS is completely homogenous light, no dots can be seen.

Choose your AL46 in following options:

  • Selection of different colour temperatures
  • Different lengths
  • Dimmable version
  • Different lumen packages
  • Individual installation options like drivers, Aluprofiles, covers...

How to create your own product

For a complete indoor product you will need ...

  • AL46 FL LED strips
  • AL46 AH Profile (Holder, Cover and and End caps)
  • Connectors connecting PCB-PBC, WIRE-PCB, etc.
  • Drivers, see AL46 OT (Osram)
  • ESD Gloves

For a complete outdoor product you will need ...

  • AL46 AQUA or ATLANTISLED strips (defined L, defined Cable L)
  • AL46 AQUA PC Profile (2m profiles) or
  • AL46 ATLANTIS ALU Profile (1 &2m profiles)
  • Drivers, see AL46 OT (Osram)

Technical description

Light source

PCB >100lm/W, strip output depends on TPU (clear or opal)
MacAdams 3
CRI 80+ or 90+ (white light strips)


2700K, 3000K, 4000K as standard, others on request (2200-6500K)


Separate Driver needed, 24 V DC SELV


Decorative lighting installations Indoors and outdoors


According to maritime requirements


Aqua, Declaration of Conformity IEC 600092-306, 60598-1

Ambient Temperature

from -35°C to +50°C

Installation/handling temperature:
+18°C to +35°C


Thermoplastic Poyurethane Elastomers (TPU), does not attract dust or dirt, is easy to clean and is fully UV resistant, as well as salt and solvent proof

Technical details FL

4,8W/m= +500LM -> MAX 10m run
9,6W/m= +1000LM->MAX 6m run (higher w/lumen packs available on request)

Technical details AQUA and ATLANTIS

2W/M    =  ~150-250lm/m -> MAX 5m 
4W/m    =  ~300-400lm/m ->MAX 5m run
4,8W/m =  ~400-500lm/m ->MAX 5m run
9,6W/m =  ~750-900lm/m ->MAX 5m run

Optic FL

Naked PCB,
ALU housings with clear or opal covers available as accessories.


AQUA clear or opal diffused
ATLANTIS opal diffused

Mounting FL

fixing by adhesive tape on the backside of strip, into separately ordered ALU Housings/profiles or direcly onto suitable metal surface etc.

Mounting AQUA and ATLANTIS

AQUA Click into separately ordered PC profiles (see accessories) or customer prepared installation slot/surface.  

ATLANTIS push into separately ordered ALU profiles (see accessories) or customer prepared installation slot/surface. Adhesive thermal conductive tape also available as accessory.

Connection FL

Each roll ending with standard indoor led strip wires 10cm, additional connectors pcb-pbc or pcb-wire available

Connection AQUA and ATLANTIS

AQUA and ATLANTIS will be made according to custom lengths and with sealed White Helkama Marine Cable 2X0,5sqmm, standard lengths 1,3 or 5m.
Aqua is possible to cut and seal on site. Please see Accessories; Sealing KIT's.


L70 50.000 h


Yes with PWM 

Cutting of FL

cutting step 62,5mm

Cutting of AQUA

cutting step 125mm

Beam angle



Measurement drawings

AL46_tecnical drawing_Aqua_56 AL46_tecnical drawing_FL_112

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